Enduro Engineering Support Rider Prestin Raines Race Report

Rider Name: Prestin Raines                     Bike: Yamaha YZ 105 supermini

Date of Event: May 20, 2018                  Race Series: Mideast Hare Scrambles

Location/Name of Event: Pea Ridge-- Union, SC

Class/Result: Supermini 14-15 3rd/3rd Overall

Race Report:

     The track had a really good flow to it. The dirt was sandy and with slick sections. The rain luckily held off so the weather was sunny and hot.

I lined up on my row, ready for the race ahead. I get off the line in 2nd and into the woods 3rd. I made a bad line chose and 4th gets around me. I have a solid first couple of laps. I have a great battle with 5th and 6th place for 4 laps. We are back and forth the whole time, trying to catch the guys in front of us. The 5th place guy crashes and I get back around him. I pull a 40 second gap on 5th and start looking for 3rd place.

With two lap board out, I get the -50 seconds on the pit board. I charge hard to try and catch 3rd. I road smart and pushed as hard as I could. On the last lap, I see the -30 seconds. I put the harm down and catch up to 3rd place with 2 miles to go. I try and make a pass when we are both stuck behind a lapper. I see a line and make the pass with 100ft from the finish line. I come around the finish with the biggest smile on my face. I have been wanting an overall podium for a very long time and so pumped that it finally happened.

Thank you for all your help and support, have a great day!



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