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Funnelweb Proline Air Filter

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The ProLine Filter has been developed with extensive testing in the United States, South Africa and Europe. This all-new filter offers the ultimate in peace-of-mind riding in all extreme conditions thanks to its profiled single layer foam constructions, which increases surface area and lengthens change intervals. 

Like all FunnelWeb filters, the ProLine filter features profile cut, single layer, single density foam that doubles the external surface area of the filter without increasing the original filter size. The ProLine Filter traps dirt-dust, sand and mud- over a larger area on its outer surface, ensuring optimal air flow is maintained for maximized engine performance and reliability. 

The single layer, single density polyurethane foam has the added advantage of being easy to clean and the ability to maintain its original shape after numerous washes. Overall, compared with conventional foam filters, FunnelWeb Offers more protection from dirt ingestion, has longer service intervals and maintains high airflow rates when dirty.